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Central Asia Sharing Aid (CASA) is a Christian humanitarian organization founded in 2000, committed to the well being and spiritual renewal of Central Asian people, especially children. Through education, health care, economic development, building international awareness and understanding, and other charitable activities, CASA helps children and communities help themselves. Our mission is carried out in Kyrgyzstan by our international partner, MCCF, which is Mercy Charitable Christian Foundation (YRAIYIM), a not-for-profit public foundation.

Our goal is to care for, educate and equip children from elementary grades through higher education with academic knowledge, Christian moral ethics, life and work skills so they can find future employment and contribute to the well being of their communities. We are working hard to reach our goal.

Established in 2000 to care for the orphans and needy children of Kyrgyzstan, MCCF's ministry has expanded to include Christian schools, orphanages, a school for children with special needs and a university (International University of Central Asia/IUCA)



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